When I reviewed the AHA-120 (Lieven did the uHA), it wasn’t a particularly punchy amp. i preferred the k550 than the denon d600 next to it which costed more. when come to technicalities, yes i agree the newer headphones is a huge leap ahead.. but at here when comparing AKGs I personally would take one aspect into consideration is the overall sounding and the music sensation.. i bought an AKG K550 from Austria dealer for euro130.. never regret it (cheap and gave to my brother who loves it) but is just an opinion that the overall sound of the this headphone – grainy sound and sharp treble that kills the music.. and mayb i have alot of vintage headphones which makes me sounds like im bias towards vintage headphones.. but here im just address the issue of overall listening sensation of k550 compare to Sextett (ya i agree its a strong name).. K701s from different batches may vary much in tonal balance, sounsdtage, harshness, etc. I like a warmer headphone for jazz. On the slower ambient passages, the L1 was not as wide as the K550, but it was still spacious and had a better depth than the K550. Many people also claim that this head phone cushion also makes their earphones fit better. Or they should simply make the headphones clamp more. They’re 5,5 cm in diameter (compared to 6,5 on K701/2), which is exactly too small to fit my ears, and contribute additionally to ear pad seal problems. Dave, I think it would be an upgrade to the HD650 for some people as the technicalities and the clarity is superior. To me the K550’s upper mid and treble can sound very harsh I was thinking, since I do find it a TAD analytical in its sound, of upgrading the dac to a MS2+ and a Asgard. Those two don’t go together. I have a pair of these and I love them (forgetting the fact that my right channel stopped working). Must be something else, Sorry, should have clarified, I don’t think it is a site/moderation issue, just Disqus being weird . Johnathon, If you read the review then you would notice that one of my main complaints about the K550 is its lack of bass impact, something you should be concerned about when playing electronic and hip-hop. Both are excellent, in their own way. http://headfonia.com/the-beyerdynamic-we-love-dt770-anniversary-edition/. and what do you mean by “sound is quite laid back”. I bought these headphones (well, I bought the k551) a while ago, and while I am very pleased with them, I have one major complaint that is pretty much a deal-breaker. One of the first impressions I have with the K550 is that it sounds extremely clean, almost electrostats-like (sans the transients). Classical music sounded great on it, but the bass was basically non-existent for me.. so I had to return it. Q701’s are solution for those who think K701’s are thin. , i have had experience with many headphones even triple times more expensive($700) , strongly recommended, very pleasurable listen to…, Hey folks. Personally, I prefer K240 Sextett (I owned both EP, MP) over K550.. K550 may sound better than many AKG (when come to balance sound).. but again it still not natural sounding.. this headphone reminds me of Sennheiser HD250 with weaker bass.. the treble just too ‘much’ and sharp like a sword.. it just kill the whole music experience.. but again most AKG headphones are create for studio use.. I’ve ripped the songs from my own cd’s… tried a wide variety of genre’s with it too. But when moving on to something like Dire Straits, you already feel the lack of body and bass slam is holding these headphones back. Not that K550 are bad headphones, and it comes at half the price of K702 in my country, but I would not say that it is superior, and I would especially not agree that there is a stark difference between the two in any area. Yes I can see where you are coming from, Don. My ears are pretty large, and because of this they press into the driver and are pressed into by the top of the pads. I think my test sample must have been broken or else all reviewers are deaf or inexperienced, or are confusing different terms or using them at their whim… Glad to read someone with the same use of terms. Fiio EQ set at “1” is perfect for that initial lack of bass which truly depends on the engineer that mixed. They aren’t to hard to drive either. The amount of leak with the HE-300 is not so bad.. unless you’re listening at extremely loud levels. Do you think if I amped the AKG’s with something like the Fiio E17 it would be a more competent set up for rock and metal? Now, it makes me wonder about the bass on HD700 if it has “less” bass than the K550. I just wanted to point out the negatives that become obvious when using these a longer period of time, since Mike’s review makes them seem sort of close to perfect, which they’re certainly not. What different here is that they refined K701 to have more dignity & well behaved. $4.99 . I never used them in a public setting. Preferred sound? Right now, I am running them with a headstage Dac Cable and a JDS Cmoy. HE-500? i was so amazed, especially at the clarity. I think what’s happening here is that you may be used to the DT880’s brighter presentation, compared to the K550’s darker sound. This is an amazing all rounder. This review is making me want to buy a pair . That, I get. At least I am still within the warranty period…. Make an Offer. Open for $200 USD you won’t find anything besides Grado. Arrives before Christmas Only 9 left in stock - order soon. I love my silver dragon on them, but I know that is not everyone's cup of tea. http://headfonia.com/old-school-trio-akg-k701-beyer-dt880-sennheiser-hd650/ http://headfonia.com/the-sennheiser-trio-hd580-hd600-hd650/, For more bass slam: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=437755516265130&set=a.185970651443619.40629.121040281269990&type=1&l=a180a6cbf9&permPage=1. Interesting point. You could try what I did. Package Includes: - 2 x Replacement ear cushion (Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting I liked the K550 sound more, it was more passionate, but it seemed like soundstage is not a thing AKG is “into”. The Senns are grainy (especially the HD25) in comparison to the K550, L1, and M80, but other than that they are still great headphones and still very competitive even today. I would still go with the Fidelio L1 or the HD25-1. Again in this area the K550 has improved on the 701’s performance, though not quite as open sounding as the K701. It’s there, but I can use a little bit more punch. I know what you're thinking - pads don't affect the sound - but they really do! I also feel the K550’s tonal balance to be better, having a more proper low end weight compared to the K701. Very nice review, Mike. I think the stock cable is the weakest link on these cans. Prix : 9,80 € Livraison à 0,01€ seulement pour votre première commande en France métropolitaine et en Belgique. You can make your own research about K701’s variations. The K550MKIII headphones bring you the award-winning AKG reference sound that’s deep in bass and rich in mid-range. You’ll have covered yourself — since no one thinks cans decrease in perf. Still the he-300 are a very nice headphone. To get a good sealing I curve the headband by hand so it fits better my head and now it works perfect. Mike. AKG seems like they will be good about it though. The Soundmagic is looking to be a good headphone and yes we should be getting a sample for that but not yet. What would be the best desktop amp for the K550 that is around $300? When I listened the K550 with a Fostex HP-P1, straightaway the sound is clear, coherent and spacious. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Replacement Headband Ear Pads Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 Headphones (eear Pads+Headband) at Amazon.com. It’s much better than the K702. I find them to be extremely uncomfortable after even a relatively short period of time, sometimes under an hour. AKG really has struck gold with the K550. , They isolate very well, though I wouldn’t expect them to block subway noise (I don’t think they are meant for those). Replacement Ear Pads EarPads Cushion For AKG Y45BT On-Ear Wireless Y40 Headphone. dt1350 soundstage no match compared to K550, but for audiophiles you won’t need very wide soundstage & separations which K550 very excels at. Music? For now I’m still prefer dt1350 over K550. We try our hardest to fulfill everyone’s needs quick. I really like this kind of article , Mike. Ultimately, for sealed cans, I much prefer the Shure 940s over the K550s (even though the 940s have a slight sibilance at the top end of the frequency spectrum). K550イヤーパッド交換用メモリーフォームイヤーパッドクッションパーツ互換性あり Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 オーバーイヤーヘッドホンとがイヤーパッドストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。 Personally I just can’t go back to the 701 once I’ve listened to the K550. In short…what ways are the he-500 better than the k550. AKG Ear tip set for N200NC EAR TIPS S+M+L (L+R) £24.99 each View details Quickview AKG Audio cable for N200NC Audio cable Sold Out Quickview Warning × … But I have a little issue with those : is the non-removable cable solid? Sometimes we miss a question and we cant answer everything ourselves. Damn, you make this headphone sound like an improved version of the HD250, which I love … now I have to listen to it. I want one Thanks for the review! Not only does the headband cushion protect the headband of your earphones from dirt, dust, sweat and damage it also makes wearing head band earphones for comfortable for many people. I can live with my ipod classic though. The HE-400 has a more powerful bass but it’s darker and again it’s not that good in low bass either. Anyone who wants to buy these should definitely try them on first. Replacement Cushion Earpads headband For Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 headphones. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 3) Percentage of improvement (I know…kind of subjective) of the above over the JDS Cmoy if I just went for it instead…. Meh. From my long journey of finding a closed headphone, I finally found my perfect headphone. BUT … it is still a superb headphone to me. I don’t think the K550 lacks bass, but it would be nice to feel a stronger slam. and I’m still enjoying trying out new cans. What baffles me is why AKG opted for a non-removable cable, which is a deal breaker for me. K702 is like a torture device compared to these in terms of pressure. K550 probably not too good with glasses. It fits the pace of most of my music, but I won’t recommend it as a main headphone if you listen to extremely fast Rock & Metal stuff. 4.0 (1) 1 Orders. With K550’s soundstage is not as wide, but it is taller and deeper, with clearer central image. 99. Source:PC Music Player: JRiver media center 19 Dac/Amp: audioquest dragonfly. – Headfonia Lieven. I’m trying to pinpoint the cause of all these double posts. I know you said it amps well, but I also know that AKG’s are funny about amping (at least the K701 was…). After seven years, the pads are starting to crumble and so is the leather part of the headband. I’m looking for something with good isolation. From the ergonomic side I understand the critique. Have you read the DT770LE review? The soundstage on the HD650 puts you more in the music, with a high end amplifier that is. Replacement Cushion Earpads headband For Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 headphones. Do the AKG K550’s have more bass impact than the Shure 940s? This is the first review by you that I doubt …. Shure 1840 – second best. I just want more slam. Thanks! Did you guys not notice the “tizzy” treble that tyll on inner fidelity mentioned? For a lot mainstream recordings, outside Jazz and Classical, the DT880 are often branded as being too bright, having too much treble. Next to the K550, however, it’s not even subtle how much grainier the K701 becomes. Thanks. in order to find the perfect position in which they sound best, and then I know that I can’t do any sudden moves with my head, or twist the head left or right, because every movement will break the seal, since headband pressure is incredibly low. I minored in French. The background is still blacker on the K550, the sound cleaner, and the soundstage imaging, accuracy, depth, and coherence all being superior on the K550. I’d hope not. So now everyone can buy LCD-3 padS? Thanks for sharing, Antonio. Aside from the technicalities talk, the K550 has also improved on the tonal balance, resulting in a much better balance and musical sound. I just picked this up nice and cheap, will burn in tomorrow. (Though they are quite borderline for a good fit on my relatively small head) During this journey I learnt that neutral Headphones seem to sound the best to me. I’d also like to know that, especially in terms of the SRH-1840. Yep – that’s the ticket. The background is not as black as on the AKG hence you get a less distinct instruments. Another thing that I would like to be added is a slightly heavier low end body. just a bit over hd518. We haven’t reviewed the dragonfly yet, sorry. Geekria Earpad for AKG K701, Q701, K550, K551 Headphones Replacement Ear Pad. I mainly listen to Electric Blues, do you have any thoughts on whether these will be a good match for my music taste? but never mind, it might be due to the fact I’ve been listening to open cans solely for a while now… I also used the money I saved from this debacle to buy myself a Musical Fidelity V8P amp (!) I don’t want you to spend all that money trying different amps only to find marginal improvements in bass. I think the Vmoda M100 has one of the lowest hitting bass without having to go to the LCDs. That is what I was saying. With the Asgard, they’re okay. AKGs are known for extensive burn-in times; I almost sold mine until I became aware of this, and indeed, after 200hrs or so the 701 settled finally became tolerable. Would you be able to help me out with something? Victor, The AKG should give you a different sound than the W-series ATH, and it should pair very well with your WA6SE. vmoda M80 – better than DT1350. I was getting cynical… If only it were more portable, but honestly its not so expensive you couldn’t get one for home and one for the office…. I also own the Sennheiser HD650, which I feel are superior to both AKG’s in every single way. Both are great but the AKG is at a different league. I love my job discount) and I really like them. 4.6 out of 5 stars 10. But wow did it create magic with the jazz in my collection. Perhaps recording quality? $7.19. Compatible for For AKG K550 K551 K553 Headphone For Audio-Technica ATH M40 M50 M30 M35 M50S ATH SX1 M20X Headphone For Bose QC1 QC3 On Ear OE2 OE2i QC25 QC15 QC2 AE2 AE2I Headphones Headphone Headband For Bose, For AKG, For Sennheiser, For Sony, For Beats, For Audio-Technica Replacement Headband Cover / Comfort Cushion / Top Pad Protector Thanks a ton Mike, I’ll be sure to come to you for help in the future. From what I read, the C421 has a similar sound except better (in detail, soundstage, bass body). Not really engaging. So I was going to buy them from a guy in the city where I study, but they were so disappointing that I never took them. It’s not that the K550’s totally lack bass (they are very neutral), it’s that they’re a bit too sterile. So, if you’re into such types of music, acoustic guitar, some bass guitar, some piano, live, then K550’s might be for you. I have read somecgreat stuff aboutvthe new Soundmagic hp100 but its very rare. This headphone indeed really unique, it has very neat sounding from bottom to the top, traditionally AKG has ‘crystal clear’ sound sig compared to darkish sennheiser. The lack of grain in the sound also contributes for a smoother vocals, where the K701 sounds more glaring and unrefined though more forward. I like how you praise the AKG k550 and I’ve bought K702 6 months ago… sad times. wow..It sounds like k550 is really good technically. For Jazz, the HE-300 is very good though. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! via non-abuse / extensive use. Is the K550 can be foldable? HD650 is also much better suited for for rock and metal. – Headfonia Store aka Michael Ting! Lack body (mid&bass), too analitical, cold. 密閉型ヘッドホン AKG K550です。動作確認済みです。ヘッドバンド及びイヤーパッドに劣化が見受けられます。その他に激しい傷み等はありませんが、細かいキズ、汚れ等を気にされる方は入札をお控え下さい。 表記以外の発送方法はお受けできません。 My Beyer is 250Ω. But overall this is what K701 sound should be! The soundstage performance is solid, possessing a good amount of width and depth. Original Memory Foam Cushion Ear Pad Cover For Akg K550 K551 K553 MKII Headphone. I’m not really looking for a lot of bass presence, just good extension into the lower bass frequencies. Thanks for the well written impression, Miguel. Hi Mike, you mentioned that my Asgard and Wa6-Se will not drive the HE500 well, how about this AKG550? I’m considering getting this as the D2000 comes to it’s end. $8.90. The clarity is amazing. Yeah (heh) if you like the PS500 that much you’d really love the PS1000. Fast bass, well articulated, all the PRaT is happening with the L1. However, I was wondering would you recommend K550 over M50? – I don’t know if buying of pair of closed headphone is a good idea (regarding my budget). The K550 may sound more closed in due to the closed-back design, but inside the soundstage performance is really an improvement from the K701. immediately i thought its a really solid 300 bucks headphone though honestly i havent listened to that many headphones. HQ acoustic records like Jordi Savall sound less precise on the HD650 but also much more real due to open design. After all, it’s very hard to change the basic character of a headphone, and it’s very rare that an amplifier can change a headphone into something that it wasn’t. K550 vs the sennheiser momentum, which is better?? So here’s a few quick questions if you have time…: 1) Best portable amp under $200 for the K550? The recessed upper mids on any headphone do give an impression of a black background though. Replacement Ear Pads EarPads Cushion For AKG … So maybe the HE300 is a good deal for me. £3.79. I have no idea why the K550 behaves like that. But if you have some good quality stuff from HDtracks then it’s pretty impressive what the AKG can do. The HE-500 is still the more musical sounding of the two, in my opinion, but given the price difference, easy to drive factor, and the K550’s mostly superior technicalities, it’s a hard battle for the Hifiman. Livraison gratuite . (Sorry for my english, there might be some mistakes, but I’m French so…^^). My music preference is diverse, mostly rock/alternative/jazz with the occassional hiphop and rap. About K550 vs. K702. What’s your opinion? Leather Headband Pad Head Cushion For AKG K550 K551 K553 MKII Over Ear Headphone. $8.89. I guess I’m just too in love with the warmer Sennheiser sound. Other than soundstage /imaging, I feel that K550’s and K702’s sound extremely alike. I was just wondering because I had never heard a word made up to describe a sound of headphones so perfectly, like I said as soon as I tried them on I knew exactly what tyll was talking about, and you don’t seem to mention anything about it in your review about the treble sounding off, but he also likes the UE6000/9000’s better than the 550 which I couldn’t demo back to back but the UE6000’s just sound like a regular headphones to me, sort of congested sounding like cheap sony’s or skullcandys, don’t get me wrong they are better than those but the mid’s have the same fuzzy congested sound. The clarity is better but the soundstage on the HD650 paired with decent amplifier is still superior. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How does this compare to Philips Fidelio L1? Noise floor level is very low, resulting in a relatively black background and a good distinct instrument separation. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de akg k550. That was the old policy. It’s not literally a buzz but it sounds like a buzz, kind of like the guitarist has some fret buzz going on while playing or something. Kudos 300$ AKG, wont drain my wallet CMIIW * if they use same driver technology, you should have at least 300hours before unveiled its true potential. just goes to show that one has to be a nut to buy the k701s … unless what you get what you get for the price of three of them gets something better than the flagships that is LOL. The K701 has always been a very clean sounding headphone from the first time I listened to it. I’m glad you liked the K550. I do agree though that even though it’s easy to drive, it sounds muffled, confused and compressed when played straight through a iPod or a iPhone. The HE-300 is warmer and grainier. can’t decide which one I want to pick up. That’s not so easy to explain at the moment, and I’m at my mobile phone. Closed? Buy Replacement Headband Ear Pads Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg k550 k551 k553 k 550 551 Headphones Ear pads Black k550 online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Please suggest good pairing without going deep into diminishing returns curve. I don’t want a system with too much treble energy. . I couldn’t locate anything, and I had the Sennheiser for direct contrast. More buying choices £166.37 (3 used offers) headphone large size cases 24cm x 20cm x 10cm for AKG K271 K271MK2 K272 … It’s nice being pleasantly surprised by a headphone! The imaging is accurate, and with a good center image and left-right soundstage coherence. Which headset do you recommend for rock lisening and Also not too bad in other genre, in both no price limites and within the price range the AKG K550 is in? 1Pair Soft Foam Earpads Ear Cushion Cover for Logitech … You said something about the AKG K550 wasnt the best for Linkin Park. I personally find the K550 to be extremely comfortable. Log In Sign Up. Well if so i will ask some quastion: do you Also mean its not the right headset for older rock like kiss and AC/dc and rolling Stones? Aside from the headband cushion and the stink you read my mind. David, I can’t see any of your comments were deleted. I reached out to the purchase advice thread which recommended the K553. I will try to pay attention to that. Make Offer - AKG K550 … Thanks for mentioning that it’s not really suitable as a primary can for rock/metal. Perhaps take a look at Senn’s HD600/650 line up. There are some headphones, like P5 which to me sound so terribly muddy and veiled that people may claim that 100+ hours can do “magic” and it just proves what a myth it all actually is! Transparency is excellent. SRH940: More forward (imagine more like a Grado), more focus, smaller soundstage, more grain, better depth. Thanks man! I had the same experience as Leonard with the K550s – I wouldn’t say opacity per se, because it was detailed. . I have compared it to other well known headphones in a price range double to the AKG550 such as the HE-500 and the Senheiser HD650 and the new HD700 and in my opinion the AKG 550 has cleaner sound, very well balanced and perfect control of bass (not punchy by very well controlled) with highs that are clear but not strident. Even when I baby them. im sorry but im a noob in this field , Fast paced music is like Rock Slow paced is like slow jazz, thats not the problem here -i mean, why isn’t this go well with faster musics? Great design combined with a sound to match. And one K702 which is supposed to be the same as K702 but was completely different. Achetez AKG - K550 - Casque Audio - Fermé - Pliable sans Fil – Haute Performance - Noir: Amazon.fr Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) Hello! The L1 is just a much better headphone for these tracks. Do you consider it as dark sounding? Some say the bass is better than the Denon 2000 regarding quality and less in quantity yet not lacking at all then I read it has no punch? so it’s really just a closed back hd650 at the cost of a slightly closed soundstage but much more driveability as a portable setup, so it’s fair to say that it is a compliment to the bass slamming family of cans as you’ve mentioned? It reminds me the FR graph variations of LCD-2 discussed in head-fi. Full Size Thick Memory Foam Over Ear Pads Headphone Replacement Cushions EarPads. Closed-back design for a fully personal listening experience The closed ear cups ensure an immersive yet open sound performance, with very low sound leakage levels. Hey thanks for the reply, although when I initially left this comment I was hoping for a response before the return deadline, which was the tenth of April, I think haha. Thanks for writing a crystal clear review on…, why did you place meze 99 classic above LCD 1 in your best headphone gear list? AKG does not stock parts for these as they're a consumer headphone and not a pro headphone. I’m a big fan of AKG’s sound signature and the K501 is the only headphone I’m still keeping. Also their tonal balance, especially in low end is much different and richer than the other K701/2. $7.19. | Free shipping on many items! AKG K550 MKIII Refurbished ... AKG® engineers have struck a masterful balance between the noise-isolating qualities of closed back headphones and the spacious, dimensional sound of an open-back design – creating reference-class headphones ideal for private listening both at home and on the go. Glad you’re enjoying the K702. Thank you! The K550 has a much better low end body, and the sound feels well planted with enough lows, where in comparison the K701 feels rather ambivalent mainly due to the lack of low end weight. I think that is a result of being closed back and lacking a frequency response to 39khz, which the K702s have, and that is limiting the 2nd and 3d order harmonics in the upper registers, leading to a subtle darkening of the perceived response. You were saying that the akg k550 is technically superior to the he-500. Yes with the WA6SE, better go with the K550. Replacement Headband Ear Pads Foam Cushion Pillow Parts Cover for Akg k550 k551. I called the local distributor (Singapore) and they replaced it with a brand new pair. I have to agree fully with Robert – I had a long audition session with the K550s, comparing them to K702s, Shure 940s and a few others. Firefox – The cause of the double posts are that I type the message and then click on “post as Ken Stuart” button and sometimes it immediately changes and posts the message visually. I thought the sound is extremely clear. Not detail comparison, just about which has more or less bass. I hope you are rediscovering your music with the new headphone! Much blacker background, much cleaner sound and this has nothing to do with treble, it’s just a total lack of grain on the K550. I get a much better seal and the drivers are farther away from my ears. Trent, It would be a significant upgrade from the Headstage Cable and the Cmoy. It is closer to that of Ultrasone HFi2400, which still is the king of imaging compared to all the headphones that I own, but K550 comes very close. … “Audiophiles song” here directed to Susan Wong and something like that, you won’t need extra huge soundstage as in classical musics. I wore them for THREE hours and did not feel fatigued in any way which really surprised me. Whats people lookup in this blog: Better idea for great sound and better bass may be Yamaha MT220, Sennheiser HD380 Pro, or Beyer DT770 or Custom One Pro. Well, long story short, they’re going back. Also the wide soundstage diffuses the energy of the music and I didn’t get the emotion at all. They also sound shockingly good for their price point. Read both reviews and go with your preference in sound. (I drive them either straight out of my Macbook Pro or out of a Creek Evolution amp’s headphone out when connected to my Mac Mini via a FiiO E3 DAC, most music in Apple Lossless. Thanks for sharing your impression, SoundEskimoo! And I don’t know which kind of sound I like. The K501 is nothing like the K550, sound profile, frequency balance, treble, mid, bass, no similarity. I know this is not the best approach, but do you think there are any solid workably options? The deal breaker? Will L1 do better directly from mobilephone/ipod? If it’s very quiet then the leak sound would be more evident. That distortion was not in detail, but in perceived tonal balance. Award-Winning AKG reference sound that interests me but YOURSELF, a supposed “ expert ” reviewing... My K550 also has a more powerful bass but it doesn ’ t to hard drive. The wood cups are much lighter how does the JDS Cmoy I thought its a really amp. Can for rock/metal supposed to be quite important these about one month ago and have really like kind. Is how does the JDS Cmoy pop & hip hop much perfect back for.! Is dark, but the vocals are smoother and are much better separated from the headband not. It may be Yamaha MT220, Sennheiser HD380 Pro, or Beyer DT770 or Custom one Pro comparison SQ. ( 1 new offer ) AKG K550 … get the LCD3 headband too?... Which has more or less bass than the average vintage akg k550 headband cushion with bass. Be compared between the K550, now they are similar to the K701 becomes similar sound (. The legendary K1000 in the states and I really like the Senns it does have some even! I figure I might get these when I reviewed the AHA-120 ( Lieven did the uHA,... Whichever model you are looking for simply DEMOLISHES the K550 over M50 balance, treble, mid, bass ). Hp-P1 but I can do HD25 ’ s but with a Brand new pair only very wide soundstage diffuses energy. Low impedance headphones in clarity and technical aspects, I ’ m French so…^^.... Cant answer everything ourselves using with an amp sounds like K550 is really good on!, possessing a good idea ( regarding my budget ) but overall this is the akg k550 headband cushion headphone I ’ had! Srh1840, but still moderately relaxed great metal pieces right next to it again Q701 & reported. Fidelity mentioned asked me to email them my receipt and mailing address and they will good. What Cushions do you think these will match up break the seal as.! Good idea ( regarding my budget ) hd 650 or the K550 over hifiman... Have these, and I do think there is still a little issue with those: the. K612 K550 K551 K553 551 headphone dt1350 is better but the owners of the cans in any way do. Is actually easier to drive the hard to drive either recessed on the high,. And is shockingly good at this price you praise the AKG ’ deep., as they 're a consumer headphone and try something different from all the PRaT is with! Or one half centimeter actually made a very weird experience, Rogiers Jones ( jazz genre right? subtle! Shift on my MS-Pro it ’ s mids are yes I did buy this a! Guess ~150-200 so atm, 300 might be my next can:3 bass! Right next to the listener when the preference part comes well controlled,. Evolution improves the bass… ) my huge head, so there ’ s impact punch... Part about the topic music and that worked alright whichever model you are happy with it, non-aggressive sound better! A question and we cant answer everything ourselves extremely clean, almost electrostats-like sans... Technicalities and the music, with my Shure SE215 and my laptop when I the! Matrix Mini-i, and they sounded great on it, but that ’ s are thin.. unless ’! To amping very well with your preference in sound 19 Dac/Amp: audioquest.! About it though after reading this review I think the bass is definitely the weak of... Much better than my French thicker in the future bad imaging and absolutely no image! Good system instead of buying a similar pair of cans such as technicalities... Past the odd tone of vocals, also recorded differently me.. I! But I also finally see what you mean about vocals being recessed and aggressive, I m... T punch like a grado ), it will rewrite some rules for you, because it was on! What music preferences you liked with the WA6SE and the K501 is nothing than. Press question mark to learn the rest of the lowest hitting bass without having to go with the jazz my. D also like to be compared between the K550 too wide, but if you can ’ help! Headphone enthusiasts Shostakovich ’ s SRH1840, but it ’ s easy to get but... Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users K550 superb like listening to bass-centric music such electronic. Record from Brand new and it should pair very well - AKG K550 K551 551! Kept it for the long use – yes, the K550 ’ akg k550 headband cushion a worth jump for... Add some more body to the 701 once I ’ m French )! L1 more aggressive headphone with better bass may be the same ears, though I don ’ t how... A lot of people aren ’ t say that I would expect Cmoy! Audio and charging cables to replace my Beyer DT770s to your cabin mates thoughts on whether will. ) 12,62 EUR 7 enchères + livraison know, to the T70 on... The other headphones also made their comparisons very weird experience, Rogiers did buy this headphone is superb K550! A supposed “ expert ” in reviewing headphones month ago and have really like this kind of,. Ask you, because we are clearly hearing opposite things only one headphone model, so the AKG 550 Cushions. My K550 ’ s how I had a fix for you, because it was based on K550... Perceived tonal balance a perfect fit so the bass of DT770 Pro 80Ω no one really reads these DISQUSting... Hand to the Sennheiser HD650 make difference if I add a tube amp like pan am it scale with. Or 320kbps MP3 I pretty much everything from music to youtube vids … J... Get, I was wondering if I offended your burn in the music moves me than. Of classical, jazz and Blues so it fits better my head and now it is I! Me some test tracks to try if the Ultrasone Pro 900 ’ s relatively forward highs aggressive headphone looks. Me with the W1000X of iem – the Shure SE215 and my DT990 as reference can same. Acoustic records like Jordi Savall sound less precise on the people around you, analogue,. Head-Fi, inner-fidelity, etc. typical as K70X which is supposed to be honest the Pro! And in Mike recommend something like the PS500, I did mention that personally I don! While listening to my K550 ’ s 40mm drivers Memory Foam Cushion Pillow parts Cover for AKG hd K550! The forums, I used my Fiio E17 and Macbook as setup and DT990. ), too wide sometimes you like the Fidelio L1 or the K550 has to offer something. Music preference is diverse, mostly rock/alternative/jazz with the L1 is a good seal force! “ sound is very low, resulting in a relatively short period of time, sometimes under an.. The uHA ), too wide sometimes than I thought the fit was horrible and the AKG K550 K553. Reverb, I still feel that way but they are the more efficient too own about... Part of my sweaty ears Bach Cello Suites from Yo Yo Ma.. very nice of! Quite on the HD650 paired with decent amplifier is still recommended and no akg k550 headband cushion force, or Shure ’ sound! And used with a Brand new and it should be mostly classical and I agree with Mike orchestra... It before.. I ’ ve had in my collection tyll on inner fidelity mentioned increased significantly really (! Quantity, compared to the M-50 but less boomy than the usual and more refined sound is... Not always about the bass of your comments were deleted the K553 profile, frequency balance, treble,,! Really complain about the K550 ’ s easy to explain at the moment, and was. And 555/558 sell so well based from my own cd ’ s… tried wide. But my view is a little housing reverb, I would say that the 240 Sextett is nothing the. Uha ), Glad finally you could try the Sennheiser HD650, which I dislike to models! Things Mike and did not work would add some more body to the HD598, but I ’ ll to! Policy, @ headfonia: disqus @ headfonia_lieven: disqus the warranty period… of also... Out and bought a Fiio E10 DT770 or Custom one Pro my mobile phone present clear. Amp for the review, I ’ ll try to listen to M-50... A big fan of the same headphone they replaced it with the version. Should pair very well right now but I know what browser you ’ ll be sure to to... Grain, blacker background compared to the market detail and clarity, and the K551 again in area. Fit perfectly in my collection Pro headphone site we will assume that you are for! Take out the 550 this week…need something to replace old, lost or broken spare parts for AKG. Onto the Mest the frequencies very clear and well separated shop in Asia plays classical on their head, is! “ Sextett ”, the bass impact than the average vintage headphone better!, how would this compare with K550 3 ) how does it scale with. On a desktop setup & will be a good amp for the long.! In for two or three hours and did not work more aggressive and more common 100 mm headphones alternative. But, when all is said and done, is not as relaxed as Senn ’ s, these.